Academies & Multi-Academy Trusts

In multi-academy trusts the responsibility for the work previously completed by governing bodies is transferred to the Trust Board, sometimes also called the Board of Directors. However, this doesn't mean there isn't a vital role for local governance. Although in reality it is more a guardianship role it must still be effective and Ofsted will meet local governors as part of the inspection.

I have had the pleasure of working with many MATs and have written numerous handbooks for local governing bodies - written after considerable discussion with the Trustees/Directors and bespoke to each Trust's need.

There are many decisions to be made. They include:

  • Who will appoint members of a local governing body or advisory board?
  • What duties will be delegated and will they identical for every school in the MAT?
  • What will be the minimum and maximum size of the local governing body?
  • Who will appoint the Chair?
  • What interventions will the Trust Board have?

I will be delighted to write your MAT local governance handbook and to ensure there is effective local governance.
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Karen has a vast amount of experience working in church schools and has a good knowledge and understanding of the Christian Distinctiveness. Karen has a very professional and confidential manner in the delivery of training and approach to advice and support to church schools. Karen has always maintained a very good working partnership with the diocese in all...

Christina Mabin, School Admissions and Governance Adviser, Diocese
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