Preparing for Ofsted

I offer a range of services to governing bodies preparing for an Ofsted inspection.

Governing Body Mock Interview

This is an hour session with as many governors as can attend. I will ask 15 Ofsted styled questions and record the responses. I won't give guidance during the interview but I will give feedback at the end and also prepare a full report of the questions, answers given and tips for improving the answers. This exercise can be particularly important for those governors who haven't experienced an Ofsted interview before.

Governing Body Evidence Portfolio

Ofsted inspection reports review who effective a governing body is. Governors are often anxious about this interview and may not clearly articulate sufficiently the evidence of impact of their work. A governing body evidence portfolio is a document, which is prepared in advance of an Inspection and contains examples of evidence of governing body effectiveness. In simple terms, the best examples of challenge in governing body minutes, the best governor visit report, skills and training audits, evidence of stakeholder engagement and self-evaluation processes. This portfolio is offered to the inspector before the governor interview and often reduces the pressure on the governors interviewed.

The service provides a portfolio proforma and 2 hours guidance on how to collect and select further evidence and keep it updated.
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What our clients say...

Within months of taking up a new headship I had concerns about my new governing body and its understanding of its role and responsibilities. Governance was at best ineffective and would have been judged as inadequate. I asked Karen Powell to come and work with governors and she commenced with a helpful session about challenge and support. She gained their con...
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